Saturday, September 3, 2011

Looking forward to sailing at Torbay!

This year's Tasar World Race is being held in Torbay, England.

Below is the Martian Kitty's crew's introduction.


Yoji believes he came from Mars. Although his body is not green, his eyes are. He vaguely remembers he learned his sailing on a Martian ocean which now appears to be frozen or dried up. Wherever he sails on Earth, he feels a higher pressure, a heavier gravity load, and a different atmosphere. He and his wife own a lovely Russian Blue, Meggy, and his wife, a photographic explorer, recently became known as “The Martian Cat” in the virtual world.

Are you going to let me play here?

Hi, I am Meggy

Eriko, a pretty young sailor, also owns another beautiful Russian, Jerry, and surprisingly, thinks even herself as a kitty. By the way, their Tasar boat’s name is the “Martian Kitty”.


Hi, I'm Jerry

Looking forward to sailing at Torbay!

more later...


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